“I have enjoyed the classes – very much so! Andrew is lovely and I have learnt a lot. I can open bottle tops again with my improved strength!”

” I have really noticed a benefit from taking part in the classes, my general mobility has improved – I can keep everything moving!”

“I’ve really enjoyed doing these exercises. I continue to practice them at home. I have improved my shoulder strength. It’s been really good to do it all together as a group – we encourage eachother.”

Chair Based Exercises help to improve mobility and Postural Stability Exercises help to improve strength and balance.

HCPA have discovered that exercising in groups has a real positive impact on as residents encourage and support each other. The classes have shown to have a positive impact on well-being as well as the physical benefits. Residents are taught helpful stretches to help in day to day life.

CBE and PSI classes have an impact measured by a QTUG device.
Two sensors are attached inside a tubular bandage just below the knee. Participants then stand up, walk 5 metres, turn back and sit down. From this the time taken to complete the assessment and their ‘steadiness’ is measured as an overall falls risk. These are measured at the beginning, middle and end of the CBE and PSI course

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