A Care Home in Hertfordshire has been participating in the Chair Based Exercise classes for roughly 13 weeks. The 29th June was their final QTUG assessment and an opportunity to find out if / how the exercises have helped. Supporting evidence below.

One resident approached the instructor to ask for extra tips / exercises on how they could sit up straighter and strengthen their back after an injury. Extremely eager and wanting to continue improving even after the sessions ending.

However, the biggest success stories came from speaking with the Care Home’s Activities Organiser, it became apparent how vital the Chair Based Exercise classes were to the residents. They reported, “as a home, they had seen an improvement in the well-being of the residents taking part as well as the physical health benefits”. It was also reported to them how the resident’s families have seen an improvement in their relatives. It was also noted how some residents were choosing not to use their walking aids as often due to increased confidence.

One resident reported their “excitement for the exercise classes each week” because they have “always enjoyed exercise” their QTUG assessment reflected this. It was then learnt that this particular resident entered the home 1 year ago in March 2017. At this point, the resident was not even weight bearing and isolated themselves in their room. The resident moved to a walker but after the CBE classes they are walking freely with no aid into the home’s garden every day, as well as taking part in the church services and joining the minibus on trips out. This presents a clear improvement in well-being, physical health and confidence – in just a year.

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