A study conducted by King’s College London shows that by carrying out assessments for falls the number of falls was reduced by 61% over a one year period.

The national and locally recognised tool for assessing falls risk is the FRAT (Falls Risk Assessment Tool). Please click here to view the NICE guidance.


What is the FRAT?

The FRAT is a series of 5 questions with yes or no answers. If an individual has three or more ticks in a ‘Yes’ box, they are deemed to be high risk and action needs to be taken.

You can start using the tool now! No training is needed. To view the full tool. Click here

Please take advantage of all the StopFalls FREE  resources to help you complete an assessment and then mitigate risk. 

Don’t forget you can also use the ‘StopFalls app’ to complete the assessment live and keep for your records an ongoing summary of the results.

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