An innovative approach to reducing falls through exercises, assessments and prevention techniques

Hertfordshire Care Providers Association (HCPA) has created the ‘StopFalls App’. The app is the first one-stop-shop for all important falls resources that can be used by anyone; whether care practitioner, the individual or friends/family. It is designed to manage falls risk factors through simple guides, reduce the risk of falls through evidence-based exercise programmes and provide quick and easy interactive falls assessment.

Funded by Hertfordshire County Council (HCC), the ‘StopFalls app’ is an easy-to-use app that boasts simple in-app navigation for the seamless use of resources, a modern and simplistic colour design, and intuitive user interaction that is designed to be used by both the young and the young-at-heart.

As falls can lead to serious, long-term issues that require increased social and health care interventions for a person for the rest of their life, the ‘StopFalls app’ offers a variety of low-intensity exercises and other preventive techniques that can be implemented by the user in the comfort of their home. For instance, there are 12 simple exercises that come with instructional videos, which focus on improving an individual’s strength and balance for mobility.

These exercises are designed to not only improve an individual’s strength and reduce their likelihood of having a fall but also improve the users knowledge and strategies through prevention and intervention tips that the app has to offer.

The ‘StopFalls app’ is now available across all platforms including Android, Windows and Apple’s  iOS.

For more information on the ‘StopFalls app’ or StopFalls Education & Training, click here.

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