StopFalls aims to highlight the importance of ongoing exercise in all ages. HCPA has been working on delivering direct exercise with service users and delivering the Chair Based Exercise Instructor Qualification with care staff  for over 5 years and has seen some tremendous outcomes.

From October 2019 HCPA will be looking for new locations to host exciting exercise sessions. Groups have a max of 12 people, with some individuals from the venue and some from the wider community.

We are looking to host groups in the following areas across the county-

  • Chair Based Exercise for residential homes
  • Chair Based Exercise for residential homes for those living with Dementia
  • Intergenerational Chair Based exercise in residential or community setting
  • Strength and balance exercise in flexi/extra care 

If you would like to express an interest in hosting a class or in referring a client who lives in their own home, please email with details.

…And while you are waiting…why not utilise our StopFalls resources now via the app or website, to complete basic exercises with the individuals you support?

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