Among older adults, falls are the leading cause of unintentional injuries, hospital admissions for trauma, and injury-related deaths. Falls can take a serious toll on the quality of life and independence of older adults putting further strain on our ever busy care system. 

The StopFalls Campaign aims to highlight the importance of ongoing exercise for all ages; even just 30 minutes of low intensity exercise per day can have an impact on reducing falls and/or improving quality of life! 

This October we are looking for new locations to host exciting exercise sessions!

We are looking to host groups in the following areas across the county:

  • Chair Based Exercise for residential homes
  • Chair Based Exercise for residential homes for those living with Dementia
  • Intergenerational Chair Based exercise in residential or community settings
  • Strength and balance exercise in flexi/extra care settings

If you would like to express your interest in us hosting a class or in refer a client who lives in their own home, please email with your requirements.

Why not book on one of your staff to become a
Chair Based Exercise Instructor?

The four-day training course is split across 4 weeks and is suitable for Care Home and Homecare Staff, particularly Engagement Leads or Activity Coordinators.

This Level 2 Instructors Qualification in Chair Based Exercise will teach you how to help maintain and promote independence and mobility in older people through Chair Based Exercises.

What are the benefits for residents?
Helps Improve: Helps Reduce:
Power Arthritic Pain
Flexibility Postural Hypo-Tension
Ability to perform everyday tasks
This course is already having a significant, positive impact on residents within care homes across the county, and helps care homes save money by having in-house instructors, whilst also improving staff confidence and developing their skills

Although Chair Based Exercise is not evidence-based for reducing falls, it is a great starting point to getting frail individuals engaged in exercise and have can evidence impact on there strength and mobility.
If you have individuals who can stand unassisted and would like to complete a balance-based exercise instructor course (OTAGO), please express your interest by clicking hereAll delegates would need to complete Chair Based Exercise prior to starting. 

We urge care services to put falls prevention on the top of their agendas
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