About the App

The StopFalls app has been updated with all new resources and guidance keeping you up-to-date with best practices and legislations around intervening and preventing falls in those more vulnerable, through useful assessments, post-fall techniques, and updated exercise videos.

What's new?
  • Updates to all resources
  • The newly added ‘PRISMA’ Frailty Assessment tool is a 7 item questionnaire to identify frailty in a person
  • The newly added ‘Timed-Up-and-Go’ resource to determine a person’s falls risk from sitting to standing, walking and balance
  •  All new exercise videos to help app users to follow the correct movements for both standing, and chair-based exercises
  • Brand new ‘Intervention’ section which gives you access to the ‘Urgent Falls Checklist’ which can be used as a guideline used by the East of England Ambulance service on how to best respond to a fall
  • The Intervention section also includes resources on how to help a person get up safely from a fall on their front, and from someone who has fallen onto their back
  • The Intervention section gives users access to the ‘SBAR Communication Tool’, to support your service and staff to assess a situation or symptom and who to contact at the correct health service
  • Added a new ‘Risk Factor’: ‘UTI’s and Delirium
  • Made overall improvements to reduce the size of the App