“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the training  you are providing. This has helped with my confidence to be able to use the training skills in my daily routine with clients.  

For example, one of my clients relies on her walking frame to get up from her bed or armchair. By showing her how to shuffle forward onto the edge safely and then trying again to stand without pulling herself up using the frame has helped dramatically. She is now also feeling a lot more confident to be able to go the toilet without a carer being present.”

What does this mean? 

Sit to stand is something we all do regularly, somebody who is in pain or not positioned well will struggle to get up from a chair confidently with the correct technique. By this delegate showing her client how to stand properly and decreased levels of pain and increase independence, giving her the confidence to complete her personal care and other activities of daily living. By promoting this level of independence can prevent further support from being needed by care staff. Better health can prevent future illness and hospital admissions, overall affecting the quality of life and levels of dependency.