There was one instance for our chair-based exercise instructor where they had an admission to the home in September time. This individual was suffering from mental health challenges including depression and stress and the team managed to get him to engage in live chair-based exercise. As a result, they have seen a remarkable turnaround in his overall mood and participation not just with physical activity but with the other residents in his environment

He is much better and able to move around the home and enjoys participating with the allied healthcare professionals in other activities like chair-based yoga. He is also seen doing his daily laps down the corridor to get in some extra exercise. 

It’s been motivating for him to see other people across the county united in similar goals. 


What does this mean? 

Exercise has shown that it has given individuals’ confidence whenever they are mobilising from different places, which also means that smaller tasks like personal care can be freed up from carers and given back to individuals responsibility. This saves time and money on staff. By improving mood and participation using activity and exercise has shown how meaningful activity can improve individuals mental well-being and quality of life.  

Come and exercise with HCPA with our chair-based exercise session. Let’s get moving and get #BackToBetterHealth!

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