Several volunteers have supported their clients with the StopFalls exercises, some printed the exercises off and dropped them round to them.

One volunteer does face to face-to-face exercising with their client and downloaded the app onto his phone and they both take part, she asked him this week if he’d been doing the exercises…he said “oh yes!”

 Another volunteer said it really made him think about his client’s frailty and how he can support clients in improving their health and well-being.

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What does this mean?

Many delegates have demonstrated that they have learnt new knowledge in identifying falls and frailty. The soon that an individual gets identified at risk of falls and frailty the quicker that actions can be put in place to support that person. It is important to understand and feel confident in increasing quality of life in all aspects of health promotion, it shows that we must take prevention seriously rather than only acting once there has been a fall or once a person is unwell. This therefore will prevent further falls and deterioration, increasing the quality of life by improving the confidence that care staff have.  

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