Why the latest findings of COVID-19 patients should encourage us to sit less and move more!

Recent studies from both the UK and USA suggest that along with advancing age and underlying health issues, physical inactivity is the strongest risk factor for severe COVID-19 outcomes.

It is well documented that increasing your level of physical fitness can help when combating COVID-19. This is in all age groups and as such promotion surrounding physical and mental wellbeing should be taken very seriously.

So, what does this mean for our ageing population? Those living in care settings or needing care at home?

  • Guidelines suggest that all adults should complete 150 minutes of physical activity a week, and those who struggle with their balance and coordination need to complete 2 sessions of strength and balance exercises a week.
  • It has been found that those who were consistently inactive have had a greater risk of hospitalisation. If somebody is inactive, they are more likely to continue to deteriorate, causing a risk of frailty. Frailty can affect the overall quality of life, independence and not to mention somebody’s falls risk.
  • Individuals who have been diagnosed as frail are unlikely to have the resilience to return to their baseline and will become more dependent, no matter what their age!

StopFalls is passionate about keeping people healthy through education and increased movement and exercise. Now as we recover from COVID-19 we need to make sure that this is a priority.

At HCPA we are working hard to educate those who have the responsibility of caring for others about deterioration prevention. Physical activity is proven to help reduce the risk of severe illness and further deterioration.

Being inactive can have a huge effect on cardiovascular health, flexibility, strength, bone density and balance. All these factors can affect somebody’s overall health and risk of falls, causing poorer outcomes for the individual.

How can StopFalls help?

  • Let’s get people moving, we know that the benefits of getting up on our feet or participating in chair-based activities is more beneficial than staying sedentary.
  • Download the FREE StopFalls app to assist you with moving more in a safe and controlled way. View our chair-based and standing balance exercises and watch the videos for more guidance!
  • Any movement is better than none. If you are an older adult or care for somebody who is older then please consider joining us every Tuesday at 11am for live exercise? Our aim is to get people moving across Hertfordshire and everybody is welcome!
  • Embed strength and balance exercise for those who are mobile and at a high risk of falls, follow the exercises on the HCPA StopFalls app and on our website. Click here to view our exercise videos in chair-based and standing balance.
  • Take a look at our free resources, and have a read or see our Staying healthy at home exercise resource with top tips to help keep you moving to prevent falls and stay healthy.
  • Receive valuable information on falls by following our Facebook page – HCPA StopFalls

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